Brunch at Bonjour Brioche

Brunch is my all time favourite meal for so many reasons.  Mainly because I can eat breakfast at 3:00pm and not be the only one in the entire restaurant.  One thing you will learn about me as we embark on this food blog journey, I LOVE eggs benedict. I love it so much that it is pretty much the only brunch item I order and will often choose not to go certain places If they don’t have it on the menu. Some might even call me an Eggs Benedict connoisseur.

Bonjour Brioche is a cute French bakery that offers homemade pain au chocolat, fresh baguette and an AMAZING house salad dressing (I bought 4 bottles). My family has been eating there for quite some time, but somehow I had never been. When my mom asked me to go for brunch, I jumped on the invitation! We arrived at noon, right before the rush and were seated outside almost immediately. For my beverage, I ordered their seasonal cucumber lime juice. It was the perfect balance of cucumber and lime and wasn’t too sweet or tart. My mother and I decided to share the pain au chocolat because… well… why not! The chocolate was nicely melted and the pastry was very flaky. We both felt there was a little too much butter, but overall it was still one of the best in Toronto.

The refreshing Cucumber Lime juice!

The refreshing cucumber lime juice!

For my main dish I order… wait for it… eggs benedict with peameal bacon. It was served on a croissant with a side salad. The positives: the hollandaise sauce was very good with just enough poured over my eggs so it didn’t feel too dry. The egg was cooked very well and wasn’t too runny. The negatives: the peameal bacon was too heavy for the croissant and made it very soggy and flat. I liked the idea of it being on a croissant but with all of the heavy cream, egg and bacon, it was too much and got lost. Maybe next time I will try it with something a bit lighter, they offer a spinach and smoked salmon option as well.


Peameal Bacon Eggs Benedict

The service was good and our waiter was very friendly and helpful when giving us suggestions on what to order. He suggested the cucumber and lime juice and I am so happy he did! Towards the end we did have to wait a little for the cheque, but the brunch rush had just started when we were leaving so I can understand why it took a while.

Overall, this was a great first dine-in experience and I will definitely be going back

Best: salad dressing and pain au chocolat

Not the Best: croissant with the eggs benedict doesn’t work. It gets too soggy and loses its delicacy

Honourable mention: Cucumber Lime Juice

812 Queen St E (Queen and Broadview)

Bonjour Brioche on Urbanspoon

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